The simple takeaway here, he explained, is that

C’est un bel honneur d’ le premier joueur du RSEQ et je l’appr a mentionn Dequoy. J’accepte cet honneur avec humilit et gratitude. C’est toutefois le rep qui a la plus grande valeur. As of Tuesday afternoon, Kentucky had 6,677 confirmed cases and 311 deaths.The analysis, Johnson said, merged Jefferson County local data with aggregated, anonymized cellphone data compiled by Google from Feb. 15 through April 30, with updated results expected soon. It showed that social distancing practices in grocery stores and pharmacies were “nearly significantly protective” from infection and that social distancing practices in parks were “significantly protective.” Meanwhile social distancing practices affecting residential movement, like people visiting friends at their home, had “little or no detectable effect.”However, Johnson added, the analysis also found that social distancing practices on public transit and in the workplace were not only not protective but were “significantly increasing the spread of the virus,” meaning they needed to be “greatly” improved.The simple takeaway here, he explained, is that social distancing in these settings hasn’t been working well enough even under restrictions people have not standing far enough apart or engaging in other cautious behavior with sufficient care to prevent infection.

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